Hi, in January 2020 I started as a EE PhD student, as part of the NCCR Automation, at EPFL in the Risk Analytics & Optimization group lead by Daniel Kuhn.
Before moving to Lausanne, I studied Systems & Control in Delft with Peyman Mohajerin Esfahani.
This page functions as a (web)log of results I find interesting.
Feel free to reach me in case of any hints, tips, tricks, mistakes, ideas or any other comment.

I have learned — and I am still learning — enormously from the community and wherever possible I like to return the favour. To that end, I am happy to help with teaching, conferences, workshops and to review work, e.g., as I am currently doing for the IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, IEEE Control Systems Letters, Mathematical Programming, Automatica, CDC, L4DC, ICML and more.


(With Sammie. Picture by Esra.)

All figures are made, either using MATLAB, Julia or Inkscape. This website itself builds upon the fantastic Jemdoc.

I am a tiny bit shorter than this guy, my Erdös number is 4 (Paul Erdös - Béla Bollobás - Karl Henrik Johansson - Tyler Summers). source and I reside here on Twitter to stay somewhat up to date.

Contact: wouter.jongeneel@epfl.ch EPFL site